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Zeta Optima platform provides a highly secure digital interface to manage Payroll Allowances and Claims such as employee tax benefit and reward programs electronically. The Optima platform enables corporates to move away from paper trails and thus easing up storage, logistics, manpower and environmental issues by leveraging machine learning and image processing technologies.

With Zeta, you are not only going digital by migrating your existing system but taking a one-step ahead to offer employees a better experience and satisfaction by enabling them with digital payment platform to maximize their tax benefits.

Zeta Optima Offerings

Using Optima platform, Enterprise HR can manage various payroll allowances and claims programs that are primarily employee tax benefit programs such as meal vouchers, gift cards and fuel reimbursements and several others programs. The Optima platform is expanding its outreach at a fast pace and you may see inclusion of more payroll allowances and claims solutions in near future. Keep watching the documentation space for more details.

Key Zeta Optima allowances and reimbursements programs are:

How Zeta Optima Programs Work?

For HR/Admins

Corporates can gain access to various payroll allowances and claims programs through the Zeta Optima interface and create tax benefit programs for employees, such as creating orders for meal vouchers, fuel cards, gift cards and many more.

For Employees

Employees or users, in turn, can use Optima benefits using the Zeta payment tools such as Zeta mobile app or Zeta on Web, the Zeta super card or the Zeta super tag.

How to Administer an Optima Program?

The table below depicts a simple and standard checklist on how to administer an Optima program based on the payroll classification:

Optima ProgramsTax-exempted Allowances (no evidences)Tax-exempted Allowances (with evidences)Tax-exempted Reimbursements (with claims)
Meal Vouchersxx
Communication Cardsx
Asset/Gadget cardsx
Fuel & Travel Cardsx
Books & Periodicals Cardsx
LTA Cardsx
Driver Salary Cardsx
Gift Cardsxx

For detailed information on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Administering Allowance and Reimbursement Program, refer Program Administration Guidelines.

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