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Before you actually get started with PWZ functionality, you will need a Zeta developer account to gain access to various PWZ RESTful APIs and related methods. These APIs will help you to enable accepting payments from Zeta users instantly over a secured network.

Provisioning a Developer Account

Zeta merchant on-boarding/sales team will assist you to provision a new Zeta developer account.

When you create a Zeta merchant account, Zeta will provision a developer account that allows you to access the PWZ APIs. This also enables you to securely communicate with Zeta payment server and invoke API requests.

What You Receive

Once your developer account is provisioned, you will be assigned a unique Merchant ID. You receive the following with your active developer account that you will use to trigger secure API calls to Zeta payment gateway. 

Merchant EntityDescription
Merchant IDA unique ID provisioned to each merchant signed up with Zeta
Merchant Signatory IDA unique signatory ID associated with every merchant
Private and Public KeyKeys for signing the requests
Zeta Public KeyValidates asynchronous responses from Zeta
API Auth TokenAn authorization token required to pass in API request headers

Next Steps

  1. Establish secure HTTPS URL endpoints to redirect users to Zeta payment gateway from your web site and vice versa.
  2. Integrate PWZ using the Checkout FlowSave Source Flow and App2App Flow.

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