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What is Zeta Express® ?

Most organizations today, no matter how technologically advanced, still have cafeterias running on archaic management methodologies. Employees are wasting crucial working hours waiting in queues; order payments are handled in cash increasing the risk of miscalculations and pilferage. While the rest of the world is moving towards total digitization at a rapid pace, cafeterias are lagging behind, and in a desperate need for a revamp.

Zeta Express® suite was developed specifically to address the glaring shortcomings mentioned above. The end-to-end digital cafeteria solution is primarily aimed at helping merchants manage their establishments using state-of-the-art digital technology. Zeta Express® not only makes it easier for merchants to run their cafeterias but also provides customers with an enhanced ordering experience like never before. The intended flow of cafeteria services is simplified and automated - from meal order management to payment. As all transactions are cashless, neither merchants nor customers have to deal with cash anymore. Zeta Express® - satisfying your cafeteria management hunger. 

Potential challenges

The existing cafeteria management space is inhibited by various challenges like:

  • Overcrowding during peak hours.
  • Human errors leading to miscount, false billing or forgetting to accept payment.
  • Pilferage caused due to handling cash and loose change.
  • Collecting and storing meal vouchers/tokens.
  • Lack of detailed analytics indicators to track profits and minimize wastage.

Depending on the scale of the establishment, some cafeterias may have to make additional investment to handle these issues, which translates to poor Return On Investment (ROI).

Why Zeta Express® ?

Plug and Play

No other offering in the market provides the security, flexibility and simplicity like Zeta Express®. Integrating your business and customers into the Zeta Express® digital ecosystem is quick ànd easy, thanks to the detailed and professional onboarding process provided by Zeta specialists.

Happy customers, Happy you

As a one-of-a-kind solution, Zeta Express® guarantees a higher turnover for your establishment. You can expect a greater ROI, as both operational costs and loss are greatly minimized. Common management concerns like overcrowding, miscalculations, pilferage and missed payments, are completely eradicated. Your customers will appreciate the modern, streamlined and digitized ordering experience, which translates into increase in footfall, which in turn translates to profit.

Profitability you can track

In case of business establishments like cafeterias, where cash flow is constant, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the profitability of your operation. Zeta Express® understands this, and provides transparent and detailed reports for all the transactions. You can analyze sales and make changes to your menu, track performance or download reports for income tax purposes. If you are a merchant accepting meal vouchers or tokens, reconciliation process is now much easier and faster.

What does Zeta Express® offer?

Tailor-made solution

Whether you are an owner of a fast food restaurant with a limited footfall or a vendor serving thousands of employees at a major MNC, Zeta Express® has a solution just for you. Depending on the scale of your business and requirements, you can select from various offerings which are further customizable. For example, if you run an office cafeteria that doesn't allow online/external payment methods, you can accept payments using Zeta Super Tag or Super ID.

State-of-the-art cafeteria experience

With Zeta Express®, the entire order management process is digitized - from menu management to accepting payment. You can now manage your establishment anytime, anywhere. At the cafeteria? Use Zeta Touch POS or Zeta Web POS. On the move? Use the  Zeta Android POS.  Add or remove menu items on the fly. Use the extensive sales and settlement reports for quick reconciliation. Your customers can enjoy a similar digital experience. For example, using  Express® Remote,  they can order from the comfort of their desks.

Your data is in safe hands

Security is of paramount importance at Zeta. All merchant and customer related data, including payment details and sales reports, are secured using advanced encryption algorithms.

With Zeta Express®, your business is miles ahead of the competition.

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