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Zeta Express® is designed to offer a complete end-to-end digital cafeteria solution primarily aimed for cafeteria management owners or staffs and employees or users. The platform simplifies the process involved in the meal order management and makes the payment super fast and efficient. That saidZeta Express® automates the intended flow of cafeteria services ranging from ordering, paying and managing meal orders without the hassle of dealing with the physical cash at all. Hence, the platform provides a unique cafeteria experience to both merchants and employees or users and helps them to save time and efforts involved in completing a meal order.

Zeta Express® provides an intuitive web POS and store app for corporates (Zeta-affiliated merchants) to administer and perform order management operations. On the other side, users can simply access the cafeteria’s available menu on the Zeta app, select the items he/she wants to order and pay using Zeta. 

Use Case

The existing cafeteria operations come with lots of challenges like printing, storing and distributing paper coupons, counting, a possibility of fraud, mandate to carry the card, poor network facility, queuing and manual settlements. Adopting Zeta Express® not only allows you to overcome the above challenges but also assures better cafeteria experience, as cafeteria managers and caterers would enjoy the ease of one-tap secure payments and maximize efficiency. 

The Zeta Express® Suite helps you save time by avoiding queues at the office cafeterias. You can instantly pick up receipts from the automated cashier machine once you have selected your menu. Place the Zeta Express® Super Tag on an NFC-enabled merchant's phone or an NFC reader for faster payments during offline payments. Whether you opt for one Express® solution or combination of a few, Zeta offers a range of Express® cafeteria solutions based on the corporate's requirements.

Key Features

  • Cashless transactions: Zeta Express® is the first cafeteria solution in the market and makes corporate cafeterias cashless and automates the meal ordering process.
  • Contact-less payments: The Zeta Express® suite features contact-less payment system  such as  Zeta Super Tag, an NFC-enabled sticker and the Zeta Super ID, an RFID-based employee access cards that can be utilised as payment instruments through Zeta's digital technology.
  • Faster & Flexible payments: Payments through the Zeta Super Tag and Super ID are lightning fast and can be readily used for offline payments.
  • Custom Cafeteria Integration: Based on the scale, corporate cafeteria may opt for Express Remote or Express Kiosk model. 

Key Benefits

  • Configurable and adaptable to every cafeteria corporate requirement.
  • Easy accounting and maintenance for cafeteria vendors.
  • Monitor sales and track settlements through periodic reports.
  • Hassle-free electronic payment for employees.
  • Queue-less cafeteria as employees can order and pay via Zeta app, without waiting in long queues.
  • One stop solution to search for multiple cafeteria vendors and place the order via Zeta app.
  • Digital cafeteria experience for employees.

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