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Zeta platform offers various payment mechanisms or toolsZeta app or Zeta Super Card® or Zeta Super Tag™ that allows users or employees to make payments for their expenses or online shopping. An organisation can use all or any one of the Zeta payment mechanisms depending on the implementation at their end. Contact Zeta Corporate Sales to know more.

Zeta App Interface

Zeta app is available as an enterprise and a user version. User version of Zeta app is identical to the enterprise version, but doesn't include corporate payroll benefit programs. Subscribers of Zeta user version are only able to access cash card and rewards card. See Zeta app interface to know more about corporate benefit cards and many more.

Zeta Super Card

Zeta app is complemented by Zeta Super Card® - a physical plastic card powered by secured payment gateways (for example, RuPay or MasterCard) and financial institutions (for example, bank) that allows you to continue using Zeta digital payment capabilities in absence of your zeta-installed smartphone just like you use your other credit/debit cards. The virtual super card is also available after you install the Zeta app on your smartphone.

Since this is a prepaid card, ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Zeta corporate or cash card to use Zeta super card. You can use the super card in an online payment for faster payment experience by using the Zeta SuperPIN, a unique PIN valid for a single transaction, when you’re prompted to enter OTP/password. See Manage Your Super Card to activate Zeta Super Card or secure your super card transactions with additional anti-fraud measures using SecureShield option.

Zeta Super Tag

The most innovative and probably the fastest means of meal payment method is Zeta super tag - a NFC-enabled tag. The super tag allows you to use Zeta digital payment capabilities in absence of your smartphone or super card. Once activated, super tags are linked to your Zeta account and work in both online and offline mode. All you need to do is to stick the super tag on any device, preferably on super card or others that you carry always with you. Remember that usage of super tag is restricted to food joints inside the company only. Contact HR for super tag activation.

Zeta Super ID

Zeta Super ID is one of the most flexible contact-less payment methods available that can be used at the corporate cafeterias to make cashless payments. It is based on the standard RFID Technology that most organizatons also leverage to issue access cards to their employees. It comes in handy to pay for your meal expenses where you don't carry or use the Zeta Super Card or the Super Tag. You can use the Super ID by tapping it on the RFID card reader connected to the vendor's system which then completes the payment by transferring the transaction amount from one of your zeta cloud cards to the vendor's account. The super ID allows you to make offline payments as well.  

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