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Key Concepts

Zeta app provides you an intuitive platform with a plethora of features for the users to use with ease. It enables you to perform the following activities:

  • Pay merchants in both online and offline mode. 
  • Access your Cash Card and corporate tax benefit cards
  • Monitor your invoices and reports. 
  • Zeta app is available as an enterprise and a user version.
  • User version of Zeta app is identical to the enterprise version, but doesn't include corporate tax benefit programs.
  • Subscribers of Zeta user version are only able to access Cash Card and Rewards Card.

Payment Experience

Zeta simplifies payment experience as Zeta Cash Card and tax benefit cards are complemented by Zeta super card and Zeta super tag. Both instruments allow you to continue using Zeta digital payment capabilities in absence of your smartphone where Zeta app is installed. In other words, Zeta App benefits are now available through the super card and super tagYou can also use the Super Card in an online payment and use Zeta SuperPIN when you’re prompted for OTP/password for faster payment experience.

Payment Security

With SecureShield option, you can set additional security controls on your Zeta Super Card transactions such as:

  • Offline security 
  • Online security 
  • Location security 

These security options ensure that your Super Card is secure and anti-fraud proof.

Installing and Configuring Zeta

Install the Zeta app on your smartphone from the App Store/Play Store. To download and configure Zeta app, see Setting up an Employee Account.

Zeta App User Interface (UI)

The Zeta App platform is an intelligent interface that lets you easily and quickly scan through the entire app screen. Zeta app UI feature highlights are:

Zeta Express feature is now available under Shops tab. Use Zeta Express to make a quick order and payment from anywhere in the office and while you're away from the cafeteria.

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