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The Zeta Optima Meal Vouchers are digital meal vouchers that are easy to send and to spend. The Optima interface is an intelligent platform and is fully RBI compliant and delivers a great deal of flexibility in dealing with employee meal benefits. The Optima Meal voucher program provides a simple and easy workflow for instant meal voucher transfers to all corporate employees. This enables you to reduce all storage and logistical hassles and promote green venture. Employees use this digital voucher against their meal expenses using the Zeta app or super card. 

Potential Challenges Zeta Addresses

Some challenges that we are trying to overcome are:

  • Paper-based vouchers
  • Logistics and storage issues
  • Time-consuming and manual effort
  • No periodically data available, no real-time transaction data to 
  • No guarantee on government compliance
  • No guarantee of usage against food and non-alcoholic items only

Some market challenges:

  • Lack of robust and secure payment infrastructures
  • Lack of employer/employee awareness
  • Perception of digital solutions being costly and complex
  • Insufficient tangible benefits

Key Features

Arrays of the features of Optima meal program are:

  • Provides web interface for HR professionals and mobile app interfaces for employees which are available in android, iOS and windows versions.
  • Enables HR to create and manage meal orders with provision of using custom configuration
  • Provision of revoking unused meal voucher
  • Vouchers works in both online and offline mode
  • View and analyze every transaction data and invoices
  • SMS and in-app notification against every transaction
  • Vouchers can be used via the zeta app or the super card

Key Benefits

The Optima Meal Voucher delivers the following benefits:

For employers:

  • Streamlines the overall reimbursement process digitally.

  • Provides provision for digitally verified and signed bills for approval.
  • Provides a flexible option for customisation.
  • Provides an effortless way of managing employees' accounts digitally.

  • Provides premium customer support.
  • Mitigates human errors.
  • Eliminates logistic cost.

For employees:

  • Provides both online and offline payment option.

  • Provides the option of paying by any denomination.

  • Eliminates the need for manual bill submission and last-minute hassle of collecting bills.

  • Eliminates the process of storing and procuring bills.

  • Provides a secure and effortless way to use and redeem meal voucher's balance to save tax.

  • Provides premium customer support.

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