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Optima Driver Salary Card is a digital card designed to help organisations to get tax exemption on driver salary. HR needs to load currency into the employee’s driver salary card prior issuing the card to employees. An employee can redeem the balance of their driver salary card against driver salary expense to save income tax.  

Driver Salary Card can be provided when the company does not provide office transport. Limit of reimbursement for driver salary varies with the different organization. A maximum tax exempt limit for driver salary is 900 per month.

Zeta doesn’t own any tax accounting responsibility on corporate conveyance allowances. It is recommended to organisations to adhere to the IT guidelines to deal with both conveyance allowance and reimbursement of driver salary expenses.

Potential Challenges Zeta Addresses

Some challenges that we are trying to overcome are:

  • Housekeeping the manual bills and high probability of losing the bills

  • Manual verification, approval, and delay in payment settlement
  • Tiresome and manual entries to initiate claims
  • Loads of paperwork, printing, and submission of bills
  • Overall cumbersome claim process

Key Features

Arrays of the feature of Driver Salary Card Card are:

  • Provides web interface for HR professionals and mobile app interface for employees which is available in android, iOS and windows versions.

  • Enables HR to create and manage Driver Salary Card orders with a provision of using custom configurations.

  • Enables employers revoke unused Driver Salary Card amount.

  • Enables employees to upload bills for reimbursements.

  • Enables employees view and analyze every transaction data and invoices. 

Key Benefits

Optima Driver Salary Card delivers the following benefits for employers:

  • Streamlines the overall driver salary reimbursement process.

  • Provides the provision for digitally verified and signed bills for approval.
  • Provides a flexible option for customisation.
  • Provides an easy way of managing employees' accounts digitally.

  • Mitigates human errors.
  • Eliminates logistic cost.
  • Provides premium customer support.

Optima Driver Salary Card delivers the following benefits for employees:

  • Eliminates the need for manual bill submission since it is a prepaid instrument.

  • Eliminates the process of storing and procuring bills.
  • Provides a secure and easy way to use and redeem driver salary expenses to save tax.

  • Provides premium customer support.

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