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The Zeta Optima Gift Card program is designed to reward your employees for their valuable contribution or for other important events such as birthday, marriages, festivals and so on. The Optima gift cards are digital vouchers that are easy to send and to spend. The program is an excellent tool to build a reward oriented corporate culture to engage and motivate employed professionals. The program allows you to load any denomination and eliminates worries over picking voucher type since the vouchers are non-monetary and universal.

Potential Challenges Zeta Addresses

Some challenges that we are trying to overcome are:

  • HR pain – selecting vouchers for various occasions and less flexibility on choosing denominations
  • Employee pain - Storage issues of physical gift vouchers and probability of missing the validity date
  • Restricted options to redeem the gift vouchers probably only to the listed merchants

Key Features

Arrays of the feature of Gift Card are:

  • Provides web interface for HR professionals and mobile app interface for employees which is available in android, iOS and windows versions.
  • Enables HR to load and manage gift card orders with the provision of using custom configurations.
  • Provides provision of revoking unused gift amount
  • Enables employees to use the gift amount online at listed merchant site.

Gift vouchers cannot be encashed and can only be used online and offline using Zeta app and super card.

Key Benefits

Optima Gift Card delivers the following benefits:

For Employer:

  • Provides a flexible option for customisation.

  • Provides an effortless way of managing employees' accounts digitally.

  • Provides premium customer support.

  • Mitigates human errors.

  • Eliminates logistic cost.

For Employee:

  • Provides both online and offline payment option.

  • Provides option of paying by any denomination.

  • Provides a secure and effortless way to use and redeem gift card's balance to save tax.

  • Provides provision for using at both affiliated and non-affiliated Merchant.

  • Provides provision for using at any Zeta-affiliated merchant websites online.

  • Premium customer support.

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