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Zeta Optima LTA Card is a paperless and digital solution designed to facilitate organizations to allow employees to claim their LTA expenses electronically. Optima LTA web interface allows employers to perform various leave and travel-related administrative operations such as creating, managing, revoking LTA transfer orders. Corporates take advantage of Optima LTA interface to automate the old-fashioned and manual leave and travel allowance process. Employees can claim expenses related to flight, train, bus tickets, and car bills using Zeta app or Zeta web console.

Potential Challenges Zeta Addresses

Some challenges that we are trying to overcome are:

  • Lack of an end-to-end and a comprehensive digital LTA program for corporates
  • Time-consuming and manual bill validation effort against every claim
  • Procuring and storage issues of LTA travel documents
  • Repeated follow-ups and announcements for proof submissions
  • Tiresome and manual travel entries to initiate LTA claims
  • Loads of paperwork, printing, and submission of travel bills
  • Environmental issues

Key Features

An array of features of Optima LTA platform:

  • Provides web interface for HR professionals to access corporate LTA program

  • Provides web interface and mobile app interface for employees available in android, iOS and windows versions.

  • Enables HR to create and manage LTA transfer orders with provision of using custom modules

  • Allows revoking unused LTA credit and closing an employee account

  • Enables employees to pay, claim, manage or track LTA bills and claims as well as view LTA statement

Key Benefits

Optima LTA card delivers the following benefits:

For employers:

  • Streamlines the overall reimbursement process digitally.

  • Provides provision for digitally verified and signed bills for approval.
  • Provides an effortless way of managing employees' accounts digitally.

  • Provides option to customise template as per company's requirement.
  • Provides premium customer support.

For employees:

  • Eliminates the need for manual bill submission and last-minute hassle of collecting bills.

  • Facilitate faster claim processing using digital interface.
  • Eliminates last-minute hassle to entry and submit bill manually.
  • Provides a secure and effortless way to use and redeem LTA card to save tax.

  • Enables tracking and accessing claim statement using Zeta app interface.
  • Provides premium customer support.

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