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Zeta platform is flexible and designed to suit your custom needs. Zeta Optima is now a self-service portal that allows you to set up your own tax benefit programs based on your organization's policy. Optima interface brings a range of employee benefit programs as part of built-in product features. You may even change the default program name and use the modified program to create a tax benefit transfer for employees.

Ensure to add sufficient funds via NEFT or cheque transfer and add these details in Optima HR dashboard to successfully execute the Optima payroll benefit programs. See Manage your funding accounts for more details.

Set Up a New Program

Zeta Optima displays recommended payroll benefit programs to choose from. Set up a program that best suits your requirements.

  1. Log into the Zeta Optima platform.
  2. Locate the Company drop-down just above the Zeta Optima tab. Choose a company under which you want to create a new program if you've configured several companies. This is an optional step if you only have a single legal company.
  3. From the left panel, navigate to Zeta Optima > Programs and in the Zeta Optima screen, locate the "Set-up Benefits" section. 
  4. Under Recommended Programs, click "Setup" against a benefit program of your choice such as meal, fuel and so on. This opens up the setup program screen.
  5. From Financial Year drop-down menu, select the current fiscal year
  6. From Funding Account drop-down menu, select a funding account that you want to use for this program.
  7. Optionally, specify a custom Program Name for your benefits program if you wish to change the default name. 
  8. Finally, click Create Program to set up a new benefit program.

You’ve just created a new payroll benefit program using Zeta Optima dashboard. A confirmation message is displayed on your screen and the program moves to the Active Programs section for your use.

Get Started with Optima Programs

Now that you've set up your Optima programs, Create and load your funding account and get started with the employee transfers. Zeta Optima homepage displays activated programs under Active Programs tab. 

You will find benefit programs that are in a dormant state under Inactive Programs tab.

Refer to the respective Optima programs to administer payroll tax benefit transfers:

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