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 What is Zeta Express?

Zeta Express is a cashless cafeteria solution for corporate cafeterias that allows viewing of food menu, placing orders and making payments without standing in the queue at the cashier’s counter. To know more, refer to Zeta Express.

 Do I need internet to access Zeta Express?

Yes, you need internet to view the food menu. You can be offline and still generate a QR code for making payments. For scanning the QR code and completing the transaction you should be online.

 What are the modes of payment available in Zeta Express?

You can transfer money and pay your expense using:

  •  Phone number
  •  Bank account
  •  Zeta Code 
  •  Shop ID
  •  QR Code

You can use Zeta code, Shop ID, and QR code only for paying to Zeta-affiliated merchants.

 What to do if payment has been debited multiple times?

The extra amount debited will be refunded. In case of no refund, contact Zeta support.

 Can I change my food preferences after the payment is made?

In case if you want to change your preferred food items after the payment is made, you have to settle the transaction with merchant directly. No changes can be made through app once payment is done.

 Why am I getting error like insufficient funds?

If the above error occurs when you have sufficient amount either in your respective Zeta Benefit Card or Zeta Cash Card which is required for your order then please contact Zeta support.

 Why is my amount debited from different Benefit Cards?

Please contact Zeta support. We will fix your issues.

 Why was my transaction declined at a restaurant?

Some outlets use an EDC machine which is white-listed under hotels, motels, and resort category. Hence the transaction was declined since Zeta Meal Vouchers can be used for purchase of ready-to-eat edibles, food related items or non-alcoholic beverages only. Please bring such declined issue into our notice. We will try to list it under restaurants category.

 Can I order from multiple restaurant in a single order?

No. However, you can place different orders for items from different restaurants.

Usage (Zeta Express Remote)

 How to place an order using Zeta Express Remote?

To know the steps to order and pay using the Zeta Express Remote, refer Express Remote.

 How to create shortcut for Zeta Express Remote?
  1. You will receive Inbox and Push notification with the caption “Order faster with Express Shortcut”.
  2.  Tap on “Create Shortcut” and you will receive the confirmation message after successful creation of shortcut.
  3. Now you can see the shortcut icon “Zeta Express” on the home screen of your mobile.
 How do I get notified about Zeta Express Remote transactions?

Zeta Express Remote supports the following notifications:

    1. SMS Notifications - Notifications triggered to your registered mobile number.
    2. Inbox (In App) Notifications - Notifications under Inbox tab in your Zeta app.
    3. Push Notifications - Notifications triggered by your app to notify the app user.

Usage (Zeta Express Kiosk)

 How to place an order using Zeta Express Kiosk?

To know the steps to order and pay using the Zeta Express Kiosk, refer Express Kiosk.

 What if I don’t scan the generated QR code?

Your order stands in a stalled stage and is not considered successful till the time you scan the QR code at the Kiosk. During this stage, you have the option of cancelling your order.

 What is time limit for generated QR code in app?

Your QR code is valid only for five minutes after it is generated in your app. If you do not scan the code within this time, you need to generate a new code for a successful transaction.

 What if the system displays food items not available at the counter?

Cafeteria merchants can update the portions of their daily sales in the Express Kiosk solution and if the orders through app reach the threshold, you will no longer be able to order the particular food item using the app.

 How do I get notified about Zeta Express Kiosk transactions?

In Zeta Express Kiosk component, notification and online order tracking are not supported.

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