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This article explains how to issue Digital Gift Cards to employees using Zeta Spotlight Dashboard. You will learn about


Before proceeding, ensure that the Funding Account is set up and sufficient balance is available. Otherwise, your order will be stalled. For more information, see Creating Funding Account .

Ordering Digital Gift Cards

There are various steps involved with the process of issuing gifts to the employees. With the Zeta Spotlight Dashboard you can have a very digitized and sophisticated gifting experience.

 Order Digital Gift Cards
  1. Log into the Zeta Platform .
  2. On the Spotlight Dashboard, go to Gift Cards and Vouchers > Digital Gift Cards > Order Now.

  3. Choose a design for the gift card and click Next.
  4. Enter beneficiary details. For 10 or fewer beneficiaries, use Enter manually to provide the details manually. For more than 10, use the Upload in bulk option. Steps for both methods are explained below:

    Enter manually

    Upload in bulk

    a. Enter beneficiary details (name, email and contact number) and order details (gift amount and transfer date) in the form provided.

    b. To add a beneficiary, click Add beneficiary and provide relevant details. Repeat this step for each new beneficiary. To cancel, click Delete at the top for each entry.

    c. Click Next.

    a. Click Upload in bulk.

    b. Click Upload File to upload the order file or drag and drop the file onto the dotted region. Click Next.

    See the sample preview of the Order File to be uploaded.

    HDFC specific order file sample

  5. Select the Funding Account to be used from the drop-down

  6. Click the order agreement checkbox to accept and click Place Your Order.

  7. Finally, review the order and click Done to confirm.

Tracking Orders

Once the order has been initiated, you can track it's status. Along with the order status, you can also view various details regarding your order such as order issuance date, number of beneficiaries and the amount.

 Track Orders
  1. Log into the Zeta Platform .
  2. On the Spotlight Dashboard, go to Gift Cards and Vouchers > Digital Gift Cards > Order Now.

  3. Click Order History tab to view Order History.
  4. To view orders by status, use Filter by Status drop-down. To view orders by date, use Filter by Date drop-down. To view orders by Order ID, use Search bar provided at the top-left.

To know more about various status types that are triggered after you create an Order, refer Understanding Order statuses.

Downloading Order details

Zeta Spotlight dashboard allows you to download the Proforma Invoice against an order. It is a bill of sale issued before the shipment of goods for that order. 

 Download Proforma Invoice
  1. Log in to the Zeta Platform
  2. On the Spotlight Dashboard, go to Gift Cards and Vouchers > Digital Gift Cards > Order Now.

  3. Click Order History tab.
  4. In Download column, click Proforma Invoice icon against any Order ID to download the invoice snapshot file.

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