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The Beneficiary Directory provides you an overall view of all active employees associated with various benefit programs. This dashboard shows employee's statuses based on parameters such as KYC, and super card. These statuses help you to track employees who fail to comply with regulations and haven't received the Zeta super card. You can further dive deep into each employee's record to view the detailed analytics and statements.

The dashboard also comes with several searches or filters and enables you to perform custom reviews and searches. You can custom your search based on:

  • Search by name, email or mobile - This shows particular employee's details. You can search by individual's name, e-mail or mobile number using Search field.
  • Search by company - This shows the results based on a particular legal entity having a group of employees within it. Select a specific company from the All Companies drop-down menu. See Manage Companies for more details.
  • Search by card type - This shows the result by employee's benefit programs. For instance, on selecting asset card from All Cards drop-down, it displays details of all the employees who have availed asset card program irrespective of the company they belong to.

Review All Employees

  1. Log into the Zeta Optima platform.

    From the left navigation pane, go to Zeta Optima > Beneficiary Directory to view all employees' details with their respective benefit programs. On this page, you can review employees' details such as personal information, company name, KYC & super card statuses and active programs associated with employees.

Review an Individual Employee

  1. Log into the Zeta Optima platform.

  2. From the left navigation space, go to Zeta Optima > Beneficiary Directory.

  3. Select an individual entry to see the individual page that displays the employee's details and assigned programs for the employee.
  4. Click on the specific program to download the statement.

    The downloaded statement provides the itemized snapshot of an employee transfer report that includes summary, disbursed or recovered amount and approved bills as shown below:

Statement report gives you an itemized snapshot of data that includes summary, disbursed or recovered amount and approved bills.

Custom Report by Filters

You can narrow down your search by a particular employee, a company name or a program card type to get your desired result.

  1. Log into the Zeta Optima platform
  2. From the left navigation space, go to Zeta Optima > Beneficiary Directory to view all employees.
  3. On this page, perform the following: 
    1. You can locate the search box and then search for an individual by name, email or mobile. This displays the result based on the specified search:
    2. You can select a company from All Company drop-down list. This displays the report of all employees of the particular company
    3. You can select a program from the All Card list. This displays the employees associated with a specific program

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