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This article will get you up and running with Zeta Express Vendor POS. You will learn about:

Setting up Vendor POS PIN

Before you start using Vendor POS, you must set up a secure PIN to prevent unauthorized access.


Please keep your Config ID and password at hand before proceeding.

 Set up Vendor POS PIN
  1. On the POS home screen, tap Vendor POS app icon.

  2. Enter the mobile number provided at signup and tap

  3. A 4-digit verification code (OTP) is sent to your phone. Enter the code and tap


    In case, you don't receive the OTP, use Resend SMS to try again. You can also get the OTP on call using Request OTP via call.

  4. Enter Config ID and password. Tap Confirm.
  5. Enter 4 digits to set as the PIN.
  6. Re-enter the same digits to confirm.
You have successfully set up your Vendor POS PIN.

Exploring Vendor POS interface

The Vendor POS interface is essentially divided into three main tabs - Collect Order, Transactions and More. The following sections describe these tabs and related features in detail.

Collect Order tab

The Collect Order tab is where cashiers build orders from customers. The tab is displayed by default on logging in to the POS and comprises of three panes - Vendors list, Full Menu and Order Summary.

  • Vendors list: This pane lists all the stores that can be managed using the Vendor POS. By default, the first store in the list is selected.
  • Full Menu: This pane displays the menu configured for the store selected in the Vendors list pane. By default, menu from the first store is displayed. To know how to build an order, see Building order.

  • Order Summary: Items added from the Full Menu pane are displayed here. Details like store name, tax calculated, and the option to delete the item are available for each order. Once the order is built, you can proceed to receive payment by tapping Checkout. To know how to receive payment for your order, see Accepting payment.

Transactions tab

The Transactions tab displays all your daily transactions. Each transaction is supplemented with bill amount, mode of payment (cash, debit/credit card, meal voucher) and refund status (wherever applicable). All online payments are displayed under Received, whereas payments received offline are displayed under Pending. To know how to settle pending transactions, see Syncing offline transactions.


You can receive and settle offline payments only if Accept Offline Payments option is enabled. See Enabling offline payments.

More tab

The More tab comprises of the following sections:

  • What's new?: Link to Zeta's official YouTube channel.
  • Contact us: Zeta Support contact information and social media links. You can also chat with Zeta Support personnel regarding any issue with the device.
  • Send logs: Send logs to Zeta Support for troubleshooting or debugging any technical issue with Vendor POS.
  • Accept payments offline: Continue receiving orders and payments even when internet connectivity is unavailable. To enable this feature, see Enabling offline payments.
  • About us: General POS device information like POS ID, terms and conditions, and certifications.


We highly recommend that you enable Accept payments offline to avoid missing payments. This also ensures uninterrupted service to your customers.

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