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The Zeta store app provides a control panel for easy administration of the app components. You can perform various functions such as manage users, view business related information and sales and settlements of all the available stores. 

ReportsProvides sales and settlement reports
Business ProfileDisplays all the business related information
UsersAllows you to add or remove users.


In the Control Panel tab, Reports option provides you the Sales and the Settlements Reports which gives the detailed information related to the transactions made by the users. You need to select the type of the report you wish to view and the store and the transaction period for which the report has to be generated. 

The type of store to be selected depends on the implementation of the Zeta component in the cafeteria. The transaction period can be selected form the default options provided in the drop down or a custom period can be provided. The Sales and Settlement Report is displayed in the tabular as well as in the graphical form. 

To view the Reports, perform the following tasks.

  1. Log into the Zeta store app.
  2. Navigate to Control panel tab and select Reports.
  3. In the Reports section, select either Sales Report or Settlement Report to view either of the reports respectively.
  4. To view the reports, select the store and the transaction period for which you want the report to be displayed. 

Business Profile 

The control panel tab in the Zeta store app also provides you the information related to the established business. You can view this information containing the stores implemented under a particular business and their details. You can also view the beneficiary's bank account details on the same screen. 

To view the Business Profile, go to the Control Panel tab and select Business profile. 



The Users option in the control panel section of the Zeta store app allows you to add or remove users into the app. You can provide the access control as Business Owners or Store Merchants while adding the users.  

Perform the following steps to add/remove users:

  1. Log into the Zeta store app.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel tab and select Users.
  3. In the Users section, click (plus)Add Users and specify the user details including the access control for the user.
  4. To delete any user, click  next to the user's name. 

    Finally, the user will be deleted from the list. 

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