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 How do I configure an Interceptor?

You will need to set up a callback URL where you want to register the intercepted responses. Using Fusion APIs, you can configure an interceptor by adding this URL against the supported intercepting points. See Configure Interceptors for more info.

 Can I configure multiple Interceptors?

Yes, you can. In this release, Fusion allows you to configure Interceptors only on Resource Products. The allowed intercepting points are the two payment states mentioned below:

  • PAYMENT_REQUESTED - When a payment request comes into the Fusion System.
  • PAYMENT_AUTHORIZATION_RECEIVED - After the payment authorization check is complete.

See Configure Interceptors for more info.

 Can I configure Interceptors globally for all Fusion APIs?

No, this functionality is in the early adopter stage. Contact Support for more details.

 Can I configure a user-defined Interceptor?

We do not support this feature now. Contact Support for more details.

 Can I disable or remove an interceptor?

Yes, you can disable an Interceptor if necessary. Use the update interceptor endpoint to update the status as INACTIVE/DELETED. See Interceptor APIs for more details.

 Why is the callback URL not detecting an Interceptor against an intercepting point?

You can perform the following checks at your end:

  • Check the status of the Interceptor. Retrieve the details of a particular interceptor using the interceptorID.
  • Change the status as ACTIVE using update interceptor API, if the Interceptor was disabled in the previous step.
  • Check whether your callback URL configuration is correct and in good condition to listen to events.

Contact Support if you need any help.

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Need Help?

Drop a mail at fusion-support@zeta.tech or call us on 080-6690 5995.