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This article explains how to redeem Physical Gift Cards issued by your employer using the Zeta App. You will learn about:

Activating Physical Gift Cards

Your Zeta Spotlight Physical Gift Card needs to be activated before you start using it.

Ensure that your Physical Gift Card is at hand before proceeding.

 Activate Physical Gift Cards
  1. Open the mail sent from Zeta. Click Activate Gift Card.
  2. Enter your Gift Card details, set a PIN for the card and click Proceed.
  3. Your Spotlight Card is now activated and ready to be used. To verify open your Zeta App and the card should appear as a Cloud Card in the Card Stack.

Using Physical Gift Cards

There are two ways to use the Physical Gift Card.

  • For online transactions, select the debit card option and enter the card number with the necessary credentials and authenticate it to complete the transaction.
  • For offline transactions, swipe the card at the merchant's EDC machine and enter the pin. The transcaction gets completed on successful verification. 

Viewing Physical Gift Card expenditures

Refer to the below procedure to know how to view your Zeta Spotlight Physical Gift Card expenditures.

 View Physical Gift Card expenditures
  1. Log into the Zeta App.
  2. Select the Physical Gift Cloud Card from the Card Stack.
  3. Tap View Transactions.

    All your Physical Gift Card spends are displayed here.

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