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This article explains how to redeem Card-Based Reward issued by your employer using the Zeta App. You will learn about:

Activating Card-Based Reward

Your Zeta Spotlight Card-Based Reward needs to be activated before you start using it.

 Activate Card-based Reward
  1. Open the mail sent from Zeta. Click Claim Your Gift.
  2. Your reward will be activated with the following message:
  3. Your Spotlight Card-Based Reward is now activated and ready to be used. To verify, open your Zeta App and the reward should appear as a Cloud Card in the Card Stack.

Using Card-Based Reward 

There are two ways to use the Card-Based Reward.

Viewing Card-Based Reward expenditures

Refer to the below procedure to know how to view your Zeta Spotlight Card-Based Reward expenditures

 View Card-based Reward expenditures
  1. Log into the Zeta App.
  2. Select the Card-Based Reward Cloud Card from the Card Stack.
  3. Tap View Transactions.

    All your Card-Based Reward spends are displayed here.

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