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Zeta offers two seamless integration methods for PWZ, namely E-com Integration and App2App integration for Web-based payments and Mobile-based payments respectively. 

E-com Integration

Developers/Product Managers of any business who wish to use Zeta money as a payment instrument on their user payment flows can successfully integrate PWZ RESTful APIs on their user payment flows, which in turn helps in securely accepting E-com based payments from Zeta users. 

App2App Integration

App2App payment support for Pay With Zeta (PWZ) eases the process of getting customer’s authorization on e-commerce mobile apps by overlaying a Swipe to Pay option, thereby avoiding the 2-step authentication process which consumes time in events of high frequency of payments.

Merchant partners can now seamlessly get customer’s consent for an intended payment directly within the mobile app ecosystem where the complexity of payment handling and user authentication are safely handled by the App2App payment support, allowing the merchants to only focus on accepting online payment from Zeta users.

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